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Production of a full range of national standards, European standards, American standards, and other safety series switches, sockets, connectors

Dongguan Liujun Electronic Hardware Co., Ltd. Registered trademark: LEGION was founded in Taiwan in 1993 and registered in mainland China in 2007, specializing in the design, research and development, and manufacturing of various types of power switches; At present, our products include: seesaw type power switches, button type power switches, rotary power switches, sliding (voltage selection) switches... and other series, which have passed safety certification in Europe and America. We have accumulated years of research and development knowledge and market experience. In addition to our own products, we also welcome customers to design products together and provide OEM&ODM services.

In order to better serve customers and increase product variety, Liujun Company acquired Shenzhen Fulilong in October 2015 and purchased new production and inspection equipment such as high-speed punching machines, injection molding machines, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ROHS detectors), switches, and socket automatic assembly machines. The merger of two companies has expanded their production and quality control capabilities, enabling them to provide better and more comprehensive products and services to new and old customers.


Professional supplier of switches, jacks, connectors


Main business: switch, headphone socket, power switch, PBCA module switch, etc.
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