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The manufacturer of the toggle switch tells you that there are many precautions for the toggle switch. The following will introduce you one by one.
1. Use chemicals with caution
Due to the use of synthetic resins such as polycarbonate on the bottom plate of the toggle switch, avoid exposing the potentiometer to strong atmospheres of chemicals such as ammonia, amines, alkaline solutions, threon, ketones, esters, and halocarbons.
2. Use flux with caution
Avoid the use of water-soluble fluxes when soldering, as this will adversely affect the metals and other materials that make up the toggle switch.
3. Solder
The wiring design and soldering method should avoid causing the molten tin to flow to the plane of the PC board, which will cause poor contact.
4. Low temperature work
When the product is used in low temperature environment, such as car radio or car audio in the cold zone, our company provides comfortable products according to customer requirements, please specify when ordering.
5. Handle length
The shorter the length, the better (at least 5mm). Under the condition that the width A of the sliding handle remains unchanged, the shorter the length of the sliding handle, the better the handle, and the higher the output point, the worse the handle.
6. Drive arm
Do not place the operating point away from the centerline of the slider, for the same reason, the shorter the distance B, the better.
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