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No matter every corner of the home, from the whole space to the key switch in the home, the author understands that many households now use key switches, such as computer speakers, coffee machines, dishwashers, etc. in the home. All small home appliances in the room or living room will be used, which will bring more business opportunities in the future market. Whether in the family or on large ships, key switches will be used.
The key switch is composed of a key, a cover and a switch module. It has the advantages of small size, many types, and many functions. It is beautiful and fashionable when used at home, and brings convenience to the home. It can be used in many places. It is very convenient to use in the fields of switch industry and electrical in the home.
It is reported that the author has learned that now there is the emergence of key switches, which have attracted the attention of many users. The key switches can control multiple lights or electrical appliances. The installation of key switches can be divided into two types: exposed installation and concealed installation. , is the product of switch upgrade now, favored by consumers, and the key switch has a good development prospect.
1, to see the appearance. The style and color of the switch should be consistent with the overall style of the room. For example, if the overall tone of the interior decoration is light, dark switches such as black and brown should not be used.
2, look at the feel. The key switches of good quality key switches are mostly made of high-grade materials such as bulletproof rubber, which have high fire resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance, etc., and the surface is smooth. and ask the dealer. Generally speaking, products with a surface that is not very smooth, feel thin and brittle, the performance is unreliable, the panel of a good switch socket requires no bubbles, no scratches, No smudges, the switch feels light and not tight, the jack of the socket needs to be equipped with a protective door, and the plug must be inserted with a certain force and cannot be inserted with one foot.
3, look at the weight. When purchasing a 5-button switch.85.8 button switch, you should also weigh the weight of a single switch, because only the copper sheet inside the switch is thick, the weight of a single switch will be large, and the copper sheet inside is the most critical part of the switch, if it is Alloyed or thin copper sheets will not have the same weight and quality.
4, look at the brand. We encourage everyone to choose well-known brands, because the quality of switches is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life.
5, look at services. As far as possible, go to the store or point of sale designated by the regular manufacturer to buy the key switch, and ask for the purchase invoice, so as to ensure that you can enjoy the after-sales service in the future.
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