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The first choice of material should have a very good ability to fight against the special environment. In the hot summer, the air temperature is very high, and the materials of many switches are known to melt because they cannot withstand the high temperature. This will have a certain impact on the use of the product. In the cold winter, many materials will become very fragile due to the low temperature, and a slight touch will break, resulting in product damage. Therefore, the switch should consider the maximum and minimum temperature that it can bear in the material selection. Only by guaranteeing that the material will not deform or be damaged in extreme cases can it prove to be an optional material suitable for the production of switches. The same high humidity will also cause a certain degree of corrosion and damage to the material. Many experiments have proved that if the room is not too large, such as in the rainy days in the south of the summer, many materials will fail. This is because the air The content of water vapor is large, which produces electrical conductivity, so it cannot be controlled more sensitively. Therefore, the more the control switch is used in extreme environments, the more it is necessary to strictly control the quality of materials, and select some special materials that are relatively resistant to corrosion, high temperature and humidity. Strict control of the entire machine.
Secondly, when choosing a material, pay attention to whether it has a certain degree of waterproof and electrical insulation. This is mainly for the safety of people. At present, most of the household appliances are used in the home, so for the safety of people, the choice of materials must be able to isolate electricity and waterproof. If the selected material is not very sensitive to electricity and water, it will cause a certain degree of safety hazard and bring great harm to human beings. Generally speaking, the tact switch will conduct many experiments on the material before production to prove that it can well isolate water or electricity. Especially in special environments, such as the rainy season in summer or when it is exposed to the sun, whether the power isolation capability of the machine has decreased, it needs to be considered before production. Only by ensuring safety is the first principle can it be put into production in large quantities.
In addition, environmental performance is also an aspect that needs to be paid attention to when selecting materials for tact switches. At present, my country vigorously advocates environmental protection, which is not only for the long-term concern of our country's environment, but also for the sake of human health. Therefore, when the material is selected, whether it meets the national environmental protection standards of our country, and whether it will cause harm to human health requires strict observation and experimentation.
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